Our Mission

We believe in the relentless pursuit of creative new solutions. In helping farmers and operators control costs by feeding cattle more efficiently. In reducing waste, achieving the same or better gains for less, and improving margins. We pioneer science-based advances in ruminant nutrition that reduce methane and increase sustainability. To meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations.

Our Leadership

Gregory L. Mills

CEO and President

Mr. Mills serves Boveta Nutrition, LLC. as President and CEO, in addition to the Board Advisor role he serves across multiple industries.

Rodney C. Jones


Following years of experience in law and agriculture, Mr. Jones became co-founder of Boveta Nutrition, LLC.

Monty Kerley, PhD

Vice-president, Research & Development

Dr. Kerley is the founder and lead researcher for Boveta Nutrition, LLC., utilizing over 30 years of experience specializing in animal sciences and ruminant nutrition, specifically for beef and dairy cattle.

Michael Cecava, PhD

Director of Commercial Application

Dr. Michael Cecava serves Boveta as Director of Commecial Application. Dr. Cecava has nearly 30 years of experience in research and product development in the livestock industry. Dr. Cecava’s area of expertise is protein and energy metabolism of growing and lactating cattle.

Fritz Schlabach

Chief Financial Officer

Fritz Schlabach is Boveta’s, Chief Financial Officer. Schlabach brings to Boveta a wide range of international expertise in industries from nuclear energy to technology to agriculture. Most recently, he helped an established specialty shell egg company expand from $3 million to $32 million in revenue in less than five years by taking their products directly to the largest U.S. grocery chains.