Amino Acid Balancing the Future of Feed for Beef and Dairy Cattle

Cattle on Boveta Optimized Diet Improve Income Over Feed by 8-12%


Atlanta, Ga. (March 7, 2023) – Boveta Nutrition™​​ is revolutionizing cattle feeding with its industry-leading model that balances amino acids. A number of studies have found that bovine fed according to Boveta’s patented algorithm consume less feed yet maintain or even increase their carcass gain or milk production. The result is an 8-12% improvement in income over feed costs.

“For years, the swine and poultry industries have used amino acid balanced diets to drive margin and animal growth,” says Dr. Monty Kerley, senior ruminant nutritionist with Farmers Business Network. “We firmly believe this is a new paradigm for beef and dairy producers with Boveta’s unique capability to decrease feed costs while delivering optimal growth and production.”

Boveta Nutrition is not a feed additive. It’s a diet adjustment that focuses on amino acids instead of protein. The Boveta model utilizes a rancher or farmer’s existing feed but applies more precise science so the cattle achieve more satiety but consume less.

Boveta has conducted a series of research studies with beef and dairy cattle that have produced impressive results.

  • Backgrounding cattle on a forage diet showed a $0.20/lb. cost of gain advantage when on Boveta’s balanced diet supplement.[1]
  • Cattle on Boveta’s amino acid balanced finishing diet consumed 15% less feed, maintained daily gain, delivering an average savings of $0.07 per pound gained.[2]
  • A large commercial feedlot study produced a $30/head advantage for steers on the Boveta diet.[3]
  • In two separate studies, dairy cows fed the Boveta optimized diet experienced a 4-5.5% increase in milk yield with a 4-8% increase in production efficiency. The result was the Boveta diet increased income over feed costs as much as $1.05 per head per day.

“The Boveta model is the next level of feeding efficiency and delivers a win on several fronts,” says Rod Jones, co-founder and chairman of Boveta Nutrition. “It doesn’t require exotic feed. It stops overfeeding. It saves the rancher or farmer money on feed costs and it reduces wet waste and methane production.”

The Boveta studies have shown that wet waste and methane can be reduced 8-12%, commensurate with the reduction in feed.

Industry Leading Network Selects Boveta

Recently, Farmers Business Network, the global AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network, announced a significant partnership with Boveta.

A team of experienced FBN nutritionists is helping implement Boveta’s proprietary feeding model with FBN cattle operators in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota. Once the initial roll out has been completed, future plans call for expansion nationally and internationally.

“With feed costs on the rise, we know just how important it is to bring an innovation to this sector that truly benefits our livestock producers. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Boveta to help change the beef feed industry,” says Luiz Beling, president of FBN Direct.

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Boveta Nutrition was co-founded by Rodney Jones and Dr. Monty Kerley to provide science-based improvements in cattle feeding in order to generate higher profits for farmers, producers and feedlot operators. Based on years of scientific research, Boveta created a patent-pending algorithm to identify diet deficiencies and create better formulated diets, incorporating targeted proteins that meet the energy and amino acid requirements of beef cattle and dairy cows. Research has shown that the Boveta system creates more efficient feed conversion and generates optimum milk production and lean carcass growth while reducing overfeeding, solid waste and methane output. This increases income over feed costs while creating sustainability. Boveta has also developed patent-pending software to assist in diet evaluation and correction and a patent-pending process for production of superior bypass protein products to enhance dairy and beef production. For more information, visit


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