Boveta Nutrition Improving Cattle Feeding Efficiency and Herd Profitability

Proprietary Feeding Model Reduces Methane Gas Emissions

Atlanta, Ga. (February 2, 2021)Boveta Nutrition is a startup that’s created an innovative feed formulation for dairy farmers and beef producers that improves feed efficiency and increases milk and beef production while reducing wet waste and methane gas emissions. The company estimates its model can improve income over feed costs by 8-12%. 

In addition, by implementing the Boveta Nutrition diet and reducing fibrous feed, methane can be reduced by as much as 10-40%.

The patent-pending algorithm from Boveta Nutrition is based on 30 years of research. The new feeding system allows farmers and feed lot operators to identify diet deficiencies and create a better formulated diet, utilizing targeted proteins that meet the energy and amino acid requirements of cattle. For dairy farmers, the formulation can deliver up to a 10% net gain in daily production.

Boveta Nutrition’s feed formulation ensures nutrients are being delivered more precisely so animals consume less feed yet maintain, or even increase, their gain. With a reduction in feed intake, less manure and methane gas are produced. In addition, once the diet has been optimized, fibrous feed can be reduced or potentially eliminated, resulting in an even greater reduction of waste and methane. 

Boveta Nutrition was co-founded by Monty Kerley, PhD, and Rodney Jones in 2018. Kerley is the company’s founding researcher and specializes in animal sciences and ruminant nutrition for beef and dairy cattle. Jones serves as the company chairman. In addition to its founders, Boveta is led by a team of agriculture veterans, including Mike Cecava, PhD, director of commercial applications, and Greg Mills, president and CEO.  Both men have more than 30 years of agriculture experience.  

“Not only does our scientific formulation improve production, it also can lead to better herd economic results,” says Mills.  “Our precise formulation leads to more efficient output, better health and less waste in the process.”

Boveta Nutrition is currently finalizing results from field research it conducted with dairy operations last year.  The company plans to release those results in the coming weeks. 

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